What’s Your Riding Profile?

Who are you? Identify Your Main Rider Profile:

Knowing the pressures you face and what your priorities are gets you half way there.  The other half is getting a plan and support that meets you where you are at, and helps you over obstacles to reach your goals. Ride better. Love your ride. Live your life.

urban lifeoffice cubicleUrban Rider: You have a responsible job, must commute to your horse, and can't ride as much as you want to. You are pressed for time and need an efficient workout that helps you maximize the time you get in the saddle. The urban seated lifestyle creates tightness areas in hips and shoulders, and a challenge for staying fit. You joke that the ideal time to do a workout is 6am or late at night.

barn-1031613__180Rural Rider: You are juggling responsibilities, including more time spent driving to things because of distance. Your ideal scenario is a home based workout because you just don’t have time to drive into town for a gym. You get physically tired because you also do horse or property related labour. You need fitness that helps you prevent injury, reduce physical wear, ride better…and indoor/outdoor flexible.

Katie Swindler 2016 03 01 AliceWEF135Professional Trainer: You are on a horse, working in the stable, or coaching for hours every day. You know you have to manage potential for repetitive strain, and maintain your body because your living depends on it. You are tight for time, and need a training plan that doesn’t conflict with your client or competitive responsibilities. You need your training to be flexible for when you are on the road. You have probably developed some strain issues and body compensations that need to be addressed so they don’t cut your effectiveness or career shorter than you want.

grey hairMature Amateur/Medical Consideration: You really want to have a body that will let you do what you love to do: ride. And ride well. But a standard workout for young fit people wouldn’t work for you.  If you could, you’d have something between a personal trainer, and a physio-therapist to make sure all the exercises are paced and adjusted to your needs. You know you can do more, with the right support. You want quality of life. You want to ride without hurting. You want your horse to experience your body as helpful, not damaging. (Have you downloaded the Gentle Workout for Mature Riders yet? It's great for bodies of any age that need to take a more paced approach to getting better balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina. Check it out HERE by scrolling down the ebooks page.)

studentIMG_4818Student/Youth: You are all about horses and want to do the right things to train your body early on so that you have the best chance to develop properly, and keep on riding as long as you can in life. You have goals. You’re juggling school and maybe a job. You don’t have a large budget. (Or you are reading this and your child matches this description.) Equifitt coaching ‘light’ packages are available to help guide youth development in all areas from physical training, to riding mindset, to healthy self-esteem and body image- at student rates.  I have experience coaching youth sport and college teams, as well as Pony Club workshops and individual young clients.


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