This page describes Service Formats offered.  Scroll down here for more info. Content and approach are described in the Fitness, Wellbeing and Equestrian tabs above. Scroll down to read about the service you are interested in on this page. The main ways you can get help are:

1. Pick Your Training Profile

  • Equestrian: fitness and conditioning, posture & biomechanics, even mounted coaching to integrate your ground training with the way you move in the saddle. Why not Skype Heather in to give a workshop or talk ?
  • Life coaching: identify and reach personal or professional goals, weight loss, achieving wellbeing and balance
  • Non-equestrian fitness or life coaching: Busy and want your trainer to come to you? Prefer outdoor activity? Recovering from injury/surgery? Other unique requirements?

2.Identify your next step below: 

There are many ways to access help through Equifitt, depending on your needs and level of readiness.

What is your rider profile?
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Need help, but no idea what to do next? Contact me. Let's chat. I'll help you with the options that make sense for your situation, and you can take it from there.  Don't procrastinate. Life's too short, and you have dreams to accomplish. Contact me today.

When you're ready for more- there's always more! You haven't even scratched your potential.

"I really wasn't sure how online coaching would work, especially with my shoulder problem. But it really did! You really were able to target the right things, and get me what I needed. I'm very happy to have worked with you!" MT in Montreal- supplemented Gentle Workout for Mature Riders with a 3-session training package


Level One: Read Free Stuff

leaping high girl 2Just getting into rider fitness? Download articles and ebooks and listen to audio on the Free Resources page, sign up for the Monthly Newsletter, go on the Facebook page, or read the Blog.

Level Two: Buy The Books

ebook collection imageEquifitt fitness books take it a step further than most fitness books out there. You get tonnes of great exercise ideas, but you ALSO get a complete and progressive training plan so you know what to do, when, how much, and how to adjust things for your specific needs. It's like getting 6-8 weeks of training for the price of lunch.

You can download ebooks for runners and riders right away, or you can order the big beautiful new Fit2Ride in 9 Weeks (print book).

Level Three: In Person Coaching

Equifitt at OEF Kids Corral Nov 2008You can still book Heather for clinics and workshops in person, as well as one-on-one riding and fitness coaching in the Ottawa area.  Single events are a great way to introduce your group to an idea, or provide some basic education. However, lasting results come from ongoing followup. I encourage participation in a series of events, or a regular clinic cycle, or else follow up from live clinics with online small group or personal coaching.  You don't get long term results from one-off epiphanies, but you can get the ball rolling.

Level Four: Online Coaching

online coachingNothing gets results like consistent, regular follow-up with a plan tailored to your specific needs. Check out the online coaching page for more info about how it works, virtually anywhere in the world.