Life & Wellbeing Coaching for Riders

leaf with water beadsSometimes you need a complete package: you have riding goals and want to be fitter/healthier, but you also have a host of other responsibilities.

It’s not always easy to figure out how to make all the pieces fit together so that it really works for YOU.

Realizing your goals is possible when you can eliminate the barriers holding you back, and align your life to your values, goals and dreams.

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and better living is an obstacle, or need for more awareness, a sustainable plan, or the right support.The coaching process starts with an assessment of your strengths and challenges, helps you connect your fitness and health to your values and purpose, and helps you establish patterns that are sustainable.

Life coaching: reach your goals, declutter your life, move forward
Wellbeing coaching: live healthier by aligning your health and fitness goals with your overall life structure. It’s more than just working out, or going on the latest fad diet.
Equine Experiential Learning: personal growth through interaction with a horse. More Information.

Life & Wellbeing coaching can be done in person, over the phone or Skype- anywhere you have internet/phone connection. Heather has successfully coached clients in 5 continents through virtual coaching.
More Information about Life & Wellbeing Coaching

See the Services page for more description of service formats.

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