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Looking for rider fitness, posture and biomechanics information? In addition to the Equifitt blogpage, scroll down here for Audio files, free downloadable ebooks and links to articles I wrote for various national and international equestrian magazines.  

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Getting the information is just the first step. If you really want to be successful and see the time you invest in yourself, changing the way you move in the saddle, consider contacting Heather about online coaching. When you have accountability, plus a plan, plus the opportunity to really make it all individually YOURS (fits your life, your needs), you’ll fly!

When you think about the time you spend spinning your wheels, paying for your coach to say the same things to you lesson after lesson while the time goes by…kicking it into a different gear is worth it.

You have it in you to move closer to your rider goals, now.

Listen to Free Audio:

Dressage Coach Jane Savoie interviewing me about rider fitness (1 hour)

CBC Radio host Elizabeth Hay (Canadian national radio) 'Fit at Fifty' Interview about Rider Fitness for Older Riders (14 min)

CBC Radio host Elizabeth Hay, 'Fit at Fifty' Interview about older bodies and seasonal activities like gardening, and preventing injury through fitness (9 min)

Juice FM Radio Interview about the new Fit to Ride in 9 Weeks rider fitness book (6.5 min)

Free Download: Fit to Ride Version I and Version 2

The Fit to Ride series  is a collection of rider fitness articles covering a wide range of topics. Many of the articles were originally written for Equifitt rider fitness newsletters, or equestrian magazines such as Dressage Today.

If you'd like to go further with your training once stretching has become routine, consider downloading more complete and advanced training plans on the ebooks page, or signing up for online coaching.

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Even MORE Rider Fitness, Posture and Training Help- totally free!

The following links are to articles published for Horse Journal and other Equisearch group of publications, such as Dressage Today.

While there's LOTS of information out there, the BEST way to see improvement in your posture, symmetry, stamina and co-ordination for riding aids is to take a systematic approach to your training. You can do this DIY by downloading the Equifitt training plan ebooks...or make sure you actually DO it (and see results) by giving Online Coaching a try.  Contact me to find out more.


  1. In a sea of information, this article's about How to Build Your Successful Rider Fitness Plan
  2. Think you have challenges? Read this motivating Interview with Para-Equestrian Gold Medalist Lauren Barwick Part 1
  3. Or, Part 2, Interview with Para-Equestrians Karen Brain and Judi Island
  4. Are you an older rider? Active aging, and Building Balance through your riding and fitness training
  5. Tired of people telling you riding isn't a 'real sport'?  This Interview with Olympian Gina Smith is about the Rider as an Athlete
  6. or this How the Pros Stay Fit article Interview with Olympian Ashley Holzer and top Dressage Rider Danielle Gallagher
  7. or, How the Pros Stay Fit Part 2 (Interview with Canadian showjumping Olympian Amy Millar)
  8. Do you have or coach kids? This piece looks at age appropriate athlete development for Kids who Ride
  9. More fitness for kids and youth who ride
  10. Working on your Mind/Body connection? Read this article I co-wrote with equestrian sport psychologist April Clay on Riding with your Mind
  11. Or how about this article combining mind/body and flexibility, in an interview with an equestrian yoga teacher I did some co-clinics with?
  12. While we're on the topic of flexibility, here are 3 easy stretches you can do before riding-- they are pulled from my easy Rider Stretching Guide ebook (scroll down on the ebooks page)
  13. Getting flexible yet? How about relaxed? This one is about how you can use balance to achieve more relaxation when riding.
  14. After Flexibility, Core strength is the second stage of my Rider Fitness Training Scale that I talk about in my new book Fit 2 Ride in 9 Weeks.  Not sure what core is, how to build it, what kind of core workout is best for a rider? Learn the keys to an effective rider core workout here.
  15. Got back issues? Did you know that core is more than abs? Think about how many riders have back issues. Training your back is just as, if not more, important. Training your BACK is one of the most important core areas for riders of all disciplines
  16. There are so many diets out there! How's a rider to know what's right for her? Read up on Nutrition and Hydration strategies for riders.
  17. What about specific rider problems?  Like Keeping Your Shoulders Back?