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Foundation Focus eBook Bundle: $24.50

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Includes Killer Core Workout for Riders & Handy Rider Stretching Guide


Slow & Steady eBook Bundle: $24.50

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Includes Gentle Workout for Mature Riders & Handy Rider Stretching Guide

Perfect for older bodies, injury recovering, body rebalancing or just getting back into regular exercise if it's been a while.

Serious About Symmetry eBook Bundle: $31.50

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Includes Gentle Workout for Mature Riders & Killer Core Workout for Riders

If you're serious about laying down a rider fitness foundation, AND addressing balance, co-ordination and awareness, get em both. I recommend training each workout on alternating days. They are both 6-week workout plans that take most people anywhere from 6-10 weeks to complete.

Whole Enchilada eBook Bundle: $44.50

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Includes all my purchasable ebooks: Gentle Workout for Mature Riders, Killer Core Workout for Riders, Complete Core Workout for Riders, and Handy Stretching Guide for Riders.

You'll have MONTHS of training at your fingertips, and lots of variety.  You'll be suppler, stronger..and it's achievable for all fitness levels with modifications suggested for increasing or decreasing intensity of exercises, depending on  your needs.

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Killer Core Workout for Riders: $19.95

Any rider of any discipline or fitness level starts core training by re-setting the body. Over time we develop patterns and asymmetry which is negative for our riding. By taking time to re-set and retrain straightness, you get more accurate riding AND a stronger core.

This workout is a progressive step-by-step six-week  workout plan for riders: more than just great exercises or random routines off the internet. A progressive training plan helps you

  • rebalance your body
  • address common riding asymmetry patterns
  • increase stamina
  • improve posture
  • improve accuracy of aids

Suitable for all ages, fitness levels and disciplines. Includes a warmup routine, as well as a formula at the end for designing weeks and weeks of core training that keeps you fit for riding, without getting bored of the same routine over and over.

For less than 20 minutes with a personal trainer or riding coach,  you get over 6 weeks of progressive, corrective, thorough core training.

The Killer Core Workout thoroughly explains 50 exercises and their direct relationship to your riding needs. Plus, the exercises are introduced in a planned 6-step training sequence to build up your endurance and correct movement and muscle patterns gradually. This program was developed from core conditioning work with riders of all disciplines and ages, and other athletes, and a course on spine stability and mobility, delivered under oversight of a physiotherapy clinic.  Inspired by the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, the workout progresses from a foundation of spine stabilization and awareness of neutral spine, to increasing loading and core integration with functional movement in an organized progression, so you aren't just training hard-  you're training smart: preventing strain and injury.  Next to improving your flexibility, strengthening your core is one of the easiest investments of time a rider can make, with some of the biggest payoffs for your riding and enjoyment of life.

NEW! Get the print version! Best price HERE (also available on Amazon).


Gentle Workout for Mature Riders $19.95

Don't be fooled. This workout is designed to be manageable for older joints, but it's not 'fitness for seniors'. It's fitness for real bodies that really want to ride.

This workout plan is great for riders who are:
- taking up sport later in life
- new to fitness (or it's been a while)
- recovering from injury or managing a condition
- just need to start out slow

This six week training plan follows my rider fitness training scale, building stability and awareness.  Great for riders who want a general improvement in co-ordination, body-awareness, core strength, balance and strength.

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Original Complete Core Workout for Riders $14.95

Foundational training for riders of all ages, disciplines and abilities. Progressive workout plan to help you gradually build torso stability for better posture, clearer aids and more stamina as a rider. This is a unique resource, tailoring core training principles to rider's needs.  This book provides an alternate exercise plan if you have already done the Killer Core Workout for Riders

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Buy Handy Stretching Guide for Riders ebook (pdf)

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Handy Stretching Guide for Riders: $9.95

The Handy Stretching guide for Riders is one of my earliest ebooks. Unlike many of the others, it is not a progressive workout plan. It is a routine which you can use every day, anywhere, as often as possible. It is designed to target those key areas of the body that get tight in riders, and which need to be supple so that you can follow your horse’s motion, apply more accurate aids, and avoid injury.

The guide contains a dynamic stretching routine that is recommended BEFORE each ride or physical activity (and between rides if you ride quite a few horses in one day). It also contains several key stretches to help riders get deeper into those extra tight areas, when you have more time.

Improving your flexibility is one of the easiest ways to impact your riding with rider fitness. It is also at the foundation of what I call the Rider Fitness Training Scale.

If you’d like to go further with your training once stretching has become routine, consider downloading more complete and advanced training plans in the Killer Core Workout and Gentle Workout ebooks (above), or purchasing Fit to Ride in 9 Weeks, or signing up for online coaching.


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