Core 4 Runners

Finally, a complete core training plan that takes you from zero to the finish line.
No more info overload or guessing which exercises, how long, when to change.
It's not just about the latest fad.
It's more than great abs.
It's about great movement.
Go faster, further, longer, stronger.

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Killer Core Workout for Runners: $24.95 Cdn

Improve your run. Reduce strain and injury risk.
Finally a progressive core training plan for runners (and walkers, joggers, hikers). There are lots of random exercises and one off routines out there, but you can't actually build capacity by random or repetitive exercise. It takes progressions, just like your running.

For less than 20 minutes with a personal trainer,  you get over 6 weeks of progressive, corrective, thorough core training.

The Killer Core Workout thoroughly explains 50 exercises and their direct relationship to your running or walking needs. Plus, the exercises are introduced in a planned 6-step training sequence to build up your endurance and correct movement and muscle patterns gradually. This program was developed from core conditioning work with marathon runners and other athletes, and a course on spine stability and mobility, delivered under oversight of a physiotherapy clinic.  Inspired by the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, the workout progresses from a foundation of spine stabilization and awareness of neutral spine, to increasing loading and core integration with functional movement in an organized progression, so you aren't just training hard-  you're preventing strain and injury.

The workout is flexible: you can do it anywhere, with very little or no equipment.  All exercises are selected to use minimal or no equipment so that you can do them virtually anywhere. Just a few minutes of core training will help you run or walk faster, avoid injury and do what you love longer and  better!

Suitable for all fitness levels. 

More Information & Purchase Printed Book HERE. (printed version is $21.95 USD plus shipping)

Client Results

Marathon Runners:

One Canadian runner attempted the Boston Marathon 8 times. Then she integrated core training into her plan for her 9th attempt, using the Killer Core Workout- she completed!

Online coaching clients:

"With your help, I went from non runner to finishing the Boston marathon!" Anne, USA

"I run this one [half marathon in mountains in Spain] every year and this year was my fastest run. I usually come in around 200 out of 600 or so runners. This year I was 89th with 2hrs 4min. I really think the core training helped: training your core helps you breath better and get more oxygen, and I could balance better on the down-hill slopes and run them faster." Carlos, medical doctor, Spain.

Trail Runner:

"When Heather challenged me to go on a diet and try her core workout program, I agreed with some hesitation since I am not a fan of extreme weight loss, and especially not in conjunction with pushing my physical limits. With Heather’s guidance and encouragement, I dropped twenty pounds and feel leaner, look better and run better. 
In conjunction with a radical change of diet in order to lose fat, I decided to try Heather’s Killer Core Workout for Runners in the hope that by being lighter and with a stronger core, my running would improve. So far I have lost twenty pounds, and even though at first the core workout program was tough, I seem to have gotten over the hump. Now after having almost completed week 5, I am looking forward to week 6 – I feel my core muscles hardening, I see some definition in my abs and greater stability on my trail runs. 
Having the core workout for runners eBook on my phone was super convenient in the gym.  I am really looking forward to some great trail and endurance runs! Thank you, Heather! " Andre, Canada