Clinics and Coaching in Person

In Person Coaching

You can get in person service through clinics, personalized online coaching and workshops, or face to face coaching by bringing Heather to your location physically or virtually.  If you are local to the Ottawa (Canada) area, Heather is available in person for mounted riding instruction and unmounted coaching. Coaching can include post-rehab, therapeutic recreation, or wellbeing/lifestyle coaching. Equestrian specific coaching focuses on posture, biomechanics (the way you move your body) fitness or mounted techniques for riding better.  Heather is both a certified riding coach, and fitness trainer. She also works with clients on mindset and mental wellbeing that helps you be the rider you want to be. Most of the services offered in person, are also available by skype connection- including mounted instruction! (online coaching)

Recent client quote! 
"By setting up and periodically adjusting an exercise program for me for the periods before and after my hip replacement you contributed enormously to my quick recovery." D, age 70

More information: (see the relevant pages on this site for more information)

  • Personal training (specialising in functional movement: older populations, post-rehab, training for outdoor activity enthusiasts)
  • Facilitated stretch therapy
  • Riding instruction (mounted on your horse, dressage & general basic riding)
  • Equestrian specific fitness and posture coaching and analysis (ground training, or mounted)
  • Life Coaching: when you want to make changes in your career, personal goals or health and wellbeing. We can meet in a coffee shop or incorporate physical activity/ nature/ time with your horse.  Life coaching for:  Equestrians       Everyone

Talks, Workshops and Clinics

You can book Heather Sansom for talks, workshops or clinics related to fitness training, fitness for equestrians, goal setting or other related fitness, sport and motivational topics. Contact Heather to discuss your needs and her availability.

Heather has spoken at national and international conferences, and conducted hands-on workshops for pony-clubs, running groups, equestrian clubs and other groups. More information is on the About page, or see What Clients Say.

Can't fly Heather in? Beam her in to your nearest screen by Skype for an affordable way to bring education or a hands-on workshop to your small group.