If Sitting is Bad, What About Riding? 5 Tips for Riders on How to Undo the Negative Effects of Seated Lifestyle on Riding Effectively


Recently there is more press attention to the problem of sitting: sitting is ‘the new smoking’. Sitting all day- in a car, at a desk, in our leisure pursuits actually creates long term health issues due to sedentariness, weight gain, muscle imbalance and even our body collapsing on our organs.  Sitting for hours cannot be […]

Want Your Horse to Use His Back Better? Use Yours.

Ball forward raise

This exercise comes directly from my ebook Killer Core Workout for Riders. The ebook is a 6-week workout plan to build your core. For riders, this means better posture, more accurate aids, lighter hands and more stamina. (Download the ebook) Good core engagement for riders also has an immediate impact on the horse’s muscle usage […]

Fixing Upper Back Posture: Scapular Pushups

Plank with straight arms

The exercise of the moment is inspired by clients: scapular pushups. This exercise is especially useful for riders that have shoulders that roll or collapse forward, shoulder blades that poke out, or a tendency to throw your whole shoulders back while riding. The exercise strengthens the muscles that help your shoulder blades lie flat without […]