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Core 4 Runners

Core training is proven to help runners run faster, further, better.
Finally a complete and progressive training plan for runners that trains your core like you train for running.
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Fit 2 Ride!

Newest Best-Seller in Rider Fitness!

Complete training plans for all disciplines and fitness levels.

"Thank you for Fit To Ride, In 9 Weeks. This book is as valuable at Sally Swift's Centered Riding. Both my mares thank you as well." B

Paperback book in textbook quality. 208 pages, full colour
Never-before published rider muscle illustrations.
Explanations of common rider problems.
Innovative training typology based on body demand,  not saddle type.
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eBooks for Riders

Equifitt ebooks take rider fitness a step further. Random exercises off the internet don't train an athlete. Neither does repeating the same exercise workout over and over.
In addition to dozens of great exercises that address specific riding needs and issues, you ALSO get progressive training plans to help you see results over time. Training plan alternatives make the plan adjustable to any discipline or fitness level.

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Training with Your Equicizer

Tips, exercises and personal programs for getting your money's worth out of your Equicizer or barrel-horse.