What Clients Say

Equifitt Clients: From Playground to Podium

Over the years, I've had the great privilege of working with a wide range of equestrians. That kind of variety is excellent training for me to understand different individual and discipline based needs.  Like any good coach, my goal is to help a rider until they are ready to move on- not figure out ways to make them dependant on me for life because that is a more self-serving business model.  If they progress, I am successful. 

From promising future international competitors, to World Games and Olympic riders in Jumping, Dressage and Eventing;

From young people whose inspiration for life is riding, to middle-aged adult amateurs who share that inspiration;

From riders figuring out how to ride their best while living with a disability, injury recovery or medical condition, to riders desperate to lose some weight;

From riders fine-tuning precise aids for competition, to those who dream of balancing it all so riding can stay part of their life and they can keep improving;

From Western to English saddles, to bareback riding, to carriages and groundwork;

From arenas to wide open spaces of extreme-endurance rides;


Whatever your goal, it’s about you being the best you can be. Live without regrets.


Gina Smith, Canadian Olympic Team (Dressage)

DSCN0165"Heather has helped myself and my students a lot with our strength and flexibility.  She made sure that each rider was treated individually, and designed a program for each one's specific needs.  We owe it to our horses to make sure we are as fit and flexible as we expect them to be!" Gina Smith, Canadian Olympic Team (Dressage), Head Trainer at Franklands Farm

Katie, Professional Jumper Rider

"One week in I can already see changes in my position before and over the fence! I'm really excited to keep working and see how much more control I can get out of my body." Katie, professional jumper rider, Wellington, Florida

Sarah, ultra-Endurance Rider

"Heather was my first choice in fitness trainer when preparing for the Mongol Derby and far exceeded my expectations!  She took the time to understand my unique needs and tailor a program for me.  Thanks to her, I was well prepared for the Derby, my riding had improved markedly, and I felt better than I ever had before."
Sarah Cuthbertson, ultra-endurance rider
(www.eatsleepriderepeat.com , image from Mongol Derby)

Fran, Para-equestrian

Fran Side Bend Stretch Seated"I’ve been able to really improve my range of motion through my off-horse exercise program. I don’t get enough time in the saddle, and the program we have been working with has assisted me in beginning to return to the competitive arena in little steps- something I thought would never happen, given my setbacks.  Your knowledge of the sport, willingness to take on such challenges and major input has given me a reason to believe in me once again.  It is very important to realize that through many types of rehab and ongoing recovery training, off-horse dedication has opened new hope for me. ” Fran, Para-equestrian with Cerebral Palsy

Other Testimonials

“I am a 59 years old, Spanish medical Doctor. I have been riding for many years, competing in Eventing. In February this year (2016) I had an accident. The mare I was riding fell on my chest.  As a consequence, I had seven fractured ribs.  I am quite active and I also like running ,I take part in "half marathon"  twice a year, so I started to look for a way to recover "as soon as possible ".  I was lucky enough to find the "Equifitt Sport Coaching" in the Internet.

I started to work with Heather in March 2016. Her on line coaching and her fitness books helped me a lot with my recovery and by July I ran a half marathon in the mountains ( "La Batallona de Somiedo"), improving my time from last year.  I believe that my riding has also improved, I am more conscious of my position thanks to  Heather's on line posture and movement assessment as well as her comments on my riding videos.”    Carlos Prieto Santos, Spain

"My training with EQUIFITT is helping my self-confidence, which is improving my confidence on the horse.  Specific exercises directly related to riding help me achieve my goals, both with my personal fitness and my riding.  It's a great feeling to have a plan, along with a knowledgeable expert to help me achieve it!"  Laura, Western Rider

"I spend alot of time and money working on my horse's performance.  I finally wised up to understand that I was part of the team as well.  It only made sense that my fitness as well as my horse's fitness had to be addressed.  Heather's program is helping me improve my abilities as a rider." Liz, 52yrs, riding experience over 30yrs

"Heather's class has improved my riding a lot.  The core work we do helps.  I find I feel more in control when I'm riding.  The muscles in my legs and my core seem stronger, and I have better balance and control of my body." Tanya, Reining rider 

“I have no pain when I’m riding or afterwards now.  I used to have pain all the time when I rode and even when just sitting in a chair.  I also felt like something was ‘crooked’ but couldn’t put my finger on what.  Heather’s program hit the nail on the head for me.  The online training with Heather has been everything I hoped it would be and more.  Initially I thought it would be hard to find the time to do my workouts.  With my busy clinic and teaching schedule I travel a lot, but I’ve been very motivated to do it because it feels great, and I am feeling the results so quickly.  The workout options Heather gave me fit into my schedule and even work when I’m on the road.  I don’t even have pain sitting in a chair now.  In the saddle, I feel like my legs are longer.  I was having trouble with flying changes to the right and all my flying changes are cleaned up. I could not be more pleased with the results thus far, Heather, and I can’t imagine that it will get anything but better and better.  Clearly the decision to contact you was the right one for me!” Jan, 52, Grand Prix coach, rider, trainer, and clinician

"I saw improvement in doing the exercises (got easier, more stretch, more reps)...The major impact this challenge gave me is: it got me back into a fitness routine. I learned that I like working with weights. And that I'm not used to do intense cardio and need to find a way to include some in my life." Nathalie, online fitness challenge participant

"I love your monthly newletters and I am still using the stretching and strength exercises you gave me a couple of years ago.   I'm happy to say that they have helped me to achieve a better connection with my horse allowing me to move up a level in my area of competition." Tammy, adult amateur online client



Fun Facts

Equifitt clients have included:

Canadian Olympic Team members Gina Smith (Dressage) and Jill Henselwood (Jumping).
World Equestrian Games team members
Ontario Junior/Young Riders (Dressage)
Intercollegiate Equestrian Team (University of Guelph)
Ultra-marathon endurance rider Sarah Cuthbertson (www.eatsleepriderepeat.com )

Things Equifitt Clients do:

Play polo
Run marathons
Compete or pleasure train in Reining, Western Pleasure, Eventing, Dressage, Jumping, Barrel Racing, Endurance & Competitive Trail
Natural Horsemanship
Trail riding

Cool Opportunities I’ve had to co-clinic with: (co-clinics are where I am working with riders on their body-work, while they are participating in the riding clinic)

Steffen Peters (US Olympic, Dressage)
Lisa Wilcox (US World Games, Dressage)
Robert Dover (former Canadian Dressage Team coach)
Walter Zettl (former Canadian Eventing Team dressage coach)

Some Neat Places I’ve had the privilege of speaking or conducting clinics or workshops:

Nova Scotia
CHA International Conference (Buffalo)
National and Provincial Equestrian Federation and Pony Club Conventions

Some More Places Where Equifitt Clients Live and Train (other than Ontario, where I live. Skype is amazing.)

Africa (Egypt)
Middle East (Israel)
Europe (Switzerland)
Latin America (Mexico)
West Coast (British Columbia)
East Coast (Newfoundland, Rhode Island, Florida)
Places in Between (Quebec, Arizona, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont)