Be the best you can!     What if you've only scratched the surface?

Before you trade in the horse or the saddle, why not start with the biggest thing affecting your sport or your ride- you?  Equifitt helps you tap your potential.


General Fitness for Better Living & Sport

Functional fitness for better movement and living:
- conditioning for specific activities & sports
- safe training for seniors
- post-rehab, disability and medical conditions
- sustainable weight-loss

Equestrian Fitness & Coaching for Better Riding

Ride fitter, move and carry yourself better, use clearer aids. Your horse will thank you!

Leader in rider fitness since 2007.
National and international certified riding and fitness coach.
- fitness specifically for riders
- riding instruction (your facility)

Life & Wellbeing Coaching for Riders

Align your riding, fitness and life priorities so that you can reach your goals and dreams.
Wellbeing goes beyond your workout.
- Easily apply basic sport nutrition
- Structure your life for healthier living
or other goal achievement
- Identify your next steps
- Declutter your life and mindset
- Move closer to your dreams today!